How to Export/Import for use in another ESHA installation

The following steps are for use if you wish to save a Recipe (or any document, such as Ingredient or Person) for the purpose of using it in another installation of the program.  Common examples for this is to share a record with a colleague, or use this record on a different computer.

Once imported, the document exists as any other document manually created. For example, if you have transferred a Recipe, after import the recipe can be opened by clicking the Recipe/Formula button, or File / Open / Recipe.

Genesis and Food Processor V11.x AND LATER

Exporting Documents:

  1. With the document (e.g. Recipe) open, on the Ribbon click the Recipe tab. (To export all of your user information at once, choose Database>Export All)
  2. Click the Export button, then select Recipe.
  3. Under Save As, select your location.
  4. Name the file.  This file name should have an extension of  *.exl.
  5. Click Save.

The *.exl file is now portable--it can be emailed or transfered to the 2nd computer which is intending to use the document.

To Open at Second Computer:

  1. Open your ESHA application.
  2. Click Database/Import.
  3. Locate the .exl file and highlight it.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Select the appropriate options and click OK.
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