Moving the SQL database and/or program to a new computer (or Server)

To move the data to a new computer:

  1. Install Genesis (or The Food Processor) on the new machine. (If you are using your own instance of SQL Server this isn't needed)
  2. On old machine, Backup the database.
  3. Move the physical file (*.bak) to the new machine.
  4. On the new machine, Restore the database.
      -->the steps on this document describe backup and restore.

After the above, the new computer will have the same database as the old. If you need to update the database, follow these instructions.

On the new computer, you will need to re-add any users of the program.  Even though each user is already in the list, whenever a database changes servers, the users should be re-added to the database.  This document should guide you through this.  This scenario may also apply to a singular, local installation on a new machine -- particularly under Windows 7.

If this is a setup such that the database will be shared and accessed by other computers, you may need to configure the Windows Firewall (if enabled).

Also, for a network setup, if you have the program installed locally on each client, there is a change necessary to those client computers.  It is a change to a configuration setting.  Specifically, on the client, there is a Genesissql.ini (or Foodprosql.ini) file.

This file is found in
   C:\Program Files (x86)\Esha Research\GenesisSQL (or c:\...\Foodprosql\)
This file may also be found in:
   c:\Users\[UserProfile]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Esha Research\genesissql (or foodprosql)

  1. Open this file in a text editor.
  2. Change the ServerName= line to point to the appropriate SQL Server (new computer).
  3. Save and exit the .ini file.
  4. Open Genesis (or The Food Processor).  If no errors, check the Server Name in Help/Information.
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