Is it OK to use Genesis R&D to create Nutrition Facts panels?

Yes. According to the nutrition labeling laws in the US Code of Federal Regulations, “The FDA RECOGNIZES and ACCEPTS the use of electronic ingredient databases to compute nutritional values for product labels.” When preparing nutrition labels, the FDA requests that manufacturers make a good-faith effort to provide accurate label data.

The Genesis R&D software program and ingredient database are used by many manufacturers for the creation of FDA compliant Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts panels for grocery stores, restaurants, and vending machines.

As best practice, we suggest keeping back-up records of each formulation that is created in Genesis R&D. An easy way to do this is printing or storing recipes or formulas with the ESHA code displayed for each ingredient. This allows the data to be easily traced and evaluated if a label ever comes into question.

The ESHA database contains data from over 1,800 sources including USDA data, manufacturers, restaurants, and literature research. Our Nutrition Research Team runs data through a series of reviews and calculations to see that nutrient values add up and are correct. We do our best to maintain the highest quality database available.

For specific questions please contact the FDA at or visit the FDA website at


Note: In the past, some organizations have submitted their databases for review by the FDA. This essentially means that the organization can market their database as having a stamp of "approval" from the FDA. According to FDA representatives, this service is no longer available.

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