Manually updating the ESHA Database (full SQL Server)

This document is for customers using a full installation of SQL Server 2008 R2 or newer to host the ESHA Database.

If unsure, note the Server name listed in an error message, or in the program itself.  You can find your Server name in the program under 'Home / About', or possibly on the menu under 'Help / About' or 'Help / Information'.  If the Server name includes either "\ESHA", or is literally "(localdb)\v11.0", then it is an ESHA instance of SQL Server.  If you are using an ESHA instance to host the database, refer to ESHA-installed instance of SQL Server (using Database Utility).

1. Download and extract the correct .zip file containing the most up-to-date scripts for your program.

 Note: The script file names are the starting structure version, not ending. s11.4.0.sql runs when the structure version is 11.4.0, and after it runs, the database will be at structure version 11.4.1

These scripts must be executed in the correct order for the update to be successful.

2. Backup your database before running the scripts.
3. Find your Database Version
  1. Select the appropriate database ('eshadata' or 'gendata').
  2. Click File/New/Query with Current Connection.
  3. Type the following SQL statement:  select * from UDatabaseVersion
  4. Press F5 to execute the query.
  5. Note the Structure Version.
4. Determine Starting Script & Execute It - Once you have found the version numbers for the database, you need to determine which script you need to run. Generally speaking, run the 's' script that matches your Structure Version found in #3 above. For example, if your structure version is 8.4.0, the script to run is 's8.4.0.sql'. This means that the ending structure version will be higher than the last script you run, for example script s11.4.0 takes the database to structure version 11.4.1. To execute a script in Management Studio:
  • Follow steps '3(1)' and '3(2)' above to open a query window.
  • Then click File/Open/File.
  • Open the appropriate script.
  • Connect if necessary.
  • In the Available Databases window (on toolbar), select the proper database ('eshadata' or 'gendata').
  • Press F5 to execute.
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 above until your Structure Version matches the Target Structure Version based on the table below.
NOTE: Recheck the database version after running each script. The scripts do not necessarily take you to the next row in the update table. And remember the script number is the starting structure version, not the ending structure version.
(First Release)
Target DB Structure Final Script  Number Food Processor
(First Release)
Target DB Structure Final Script Number

11.8.x (June 2020)

11.8.0 s11.7.2 - - -

11.7.x (June 2019)

11.7.1 s11.7.0 11.7.x (Nov 2019) 11.7.1 11.6.3

(Aug 2018)

11.6.0 s11.5.1 11.6.x (Oct 2018) 11.6.0 s11.5.4

(May 2018)

11.5.1 s11.5.0 11.5.x (June 2018) 11.5.0 s11.4.1

(Dec 2017)

11.4.2 s11.4.1 11.4.x
(Nov 2017)
11.4.0 s11.3.2

(Feb 2017)

11.3.4 s11.3.3 11.3.x
(April 2017)
11.3.2 s11.3.1

(Nov 2016)

11.2.1 s11.1.3 11.2.x
(Oct 2016)
11.2.1 s11.2.0

(July 2016)

11.1.3 s11.1.2 11.1.x
(June 2016)
11.1.0 s11.0.3
(Aug 2015)
11.0.0 s9.8.4 11.0.x
(Oct 2015)
11.0.2 s9.8.6

(Feb 2015)

9.8.3 s9.8.2 10.15.x
(Feb 2015)
9.8.3 s9.8.2

(Nov 2014)

9.7.5 s9.7.4 10.14.x
(Nov 2014)
9.7.5 s9.7.4

(Jan 2014)

9.6.0 s9.5.1 10.13.x
(Jan 2014)
9.6.0 s9.5.1

(Feb 2013)

9.5.1 s9.5.0 10.12.x
(Feb 2013)
9.5.1 s9.5.0

(Oct 2012)

9.4.0 s9.3.1 10.11.x
(July 2012)
9.4.0 s9.3.1

(May 2012)

9.3.1 9.3.0 10.10.x
(May 2012)
9.3.1 s9.3.0

(Sept 2011)

9.2.0 s9.1.0 10.9.x
(Sept 2011)
9.2.0 s9.1.0

(Mar 2011)

9.1.0 s9.0.1 10.8.x
(Jan 2011)
9.1.0 s9.0.1

(July 2010)

9.0.1 s9.0.0 10.7.x
(July 2010)
9.0.1 s9.0.0

(Mar 2010)

8.9.2 s8.9.1 10.6.x
(Mar 2010)
8.9.2 s8.9.1

(Oct 2009)

8.8.0 s8.7.0 10.5.x
(Oct 2009)
8.8.0 s8.7.0

(Mar 2009)

8.7.0 s8.6.1 10.4.x
(Mar 2009)
8.7.0 s8.6.1

(July 2008)

8.6.0 s8.5.1

(July 2008)

8.6.0 s8.5.1

(May 2008)

8.5.1 s8.5.0 10.2.x
(May 2008)
8.5.1 s8.5.0


(July 2007)
8.4.5 s8.4.4


(Jan 2007)
8.3.5 s8.3.4
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  • Avatar
    Brant Strand

    This article seems to be only valid for FP up to 9.8.0, as that is the latest version in the attached SQL scripts zip. Is there an updated version available?

  • Avatar
    Patrick Murphy

    As of this writing, the Structure Version for Food Processor is 9.8.x, however the Structure Versions is different than the Program Version. Food Processor program version 10.15.x requires a (Database) structure version of 9.8.x. Food Processor 10.15.x is the most updated version of the software, released in February 2015.

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