Manually updating the ESHA Database (using Database Utility)

This document is for any customer using Database Utility to perform the update of the ESHA Database. This is the most common installation. 
If unsure, note the Server name listed in an error message, or in the program itself.  You can find your Server name in the program under 'Home / About', or possibly on the menu under 'Help / About' or 'Help / Information'.  If the Server name includes either "\ESHA", or is literally "(localdb)\v11.0", then it is an ESHA instance of SQL Server.
If the Server name does not include "\ESHA" or "(localdb)\v11.0", you are using a full installation of SQL Server (non-ESHA instance).  For updating the database under full SQL Server, refer to the article regarding use of SQL Server Management Studio.
To update your database:
1. Download the appropriate script files and unzip (extract) them into a new folder.

 Note: The script file names are the starting structure version, not ending. For Example: s9.8.4.sql runs when the structure version is 9.8.4, and after it runs, the database will be at structure version 11.0.0

2. Start Database Utility.  If you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 2008 Server R2, or Server 2012, you may need to right-click and Run As Administrator.

3. In the "Connect to server..." dialog, choose the proper server name. You can find your Server name in the program under 'Home / About', or possibly on the menu under 'Help / About' or 'Help / Information'.

4. In Database Utility, make sure you have the proper database selected from the drop-down on the toolbar.  Likely 'gendata (#.#.#)' for Genesis or 'eshadata (#.#.#)' for The Food Processor.
5. Click Database/Backup. Proceed to backup the database before continuing.
6. Click Database/Update.
7. Click browse and navigate to the folder in which the script files were extracted.
8. For 'Target Structure Version:', enter the appropriate ending structure version based on the table below.
   Here's a rundown on the external versions of our SQL Programs:    

Target Structure Version

  Food Processor Target Structure Version
11.3.x (Feb 2017) 11.3.4  

11.3.x (April 2017)

11.2.x (Nov 2016) 11.2.1  

11.2.x (Oct 2016)

11.1.x (July 2016)

11.1.x (June 2016)


11.0.x  (Aug 2015)

11.0.3   11.0.x (Oct 2015) 11.0.3

9.14.x  (Feb 2015)

9.8.6   10.15.x (Feb 2015) 9.8.6

9.13.x  (Nov 2014)

9.7.5   10.14.x (Nov 2014) 9.7.5

9.12.x (Jan 2014)

9.6.0   10.13.x (Jan 2014) 9.6.0

9.11.x (Feb 2013)

9.5.1   10.12.x (Feb 2013) 9.5.1

9.10.x (Oct 2012)

9.4.0   10.11.x (July 2012) 9.4.0

9.9.x (May 2012)

9.3.1   10.10.x (May 2012) 9.3.1

9.8.x (Sept 2011)

9.2.0   10.9.x (Sept 2011) 9.2.0

9.7.x (Mar 2011)

9.1.0   10.8.x (Jan 2011) 9.1.0

9.6.x (July 2010)

9.0.1   10.7.x (July 2010) 9.0.1

9.5.x (Mar 2010)

8.9.2   10.6.x (Mar 2010) 8.9.2

9.4.x (Oct 2009)

8.8.0   10.5.x (Oct 2009) 8.8.0

9.3.x (Mar 2009)

8.7.0   10.4.x (Mar 2009) 8.7.0

9.1.x (July 2008)

8.6.0   10.3.x (July 2008) 8.6.0

9.0.x (May 2008)

8.5.1   10.2.x (May 2008) 8.5.1


    10.1.x (July 2007) 8.4.5


    10.0.x (Jan 2007) 8.3.5
9. Click Update.
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