An error oppears when searching. (Internal SQL Server error.ADO Errors: 1 -2147217900)

When searching, the program actually performs a number of searches to develop the list of matching results.  In a recent update, one of the searches has begun resulting in an error.  Specifically, that search is the Frequency search.

Note simply clicking OK will display the search results.

Search results are designed to be listed in the following (general) order: most frequently used items, followed by user-added items, followed by all remaining matches.  Due to the error, obviously the frequently used items are not at the top, but are still included among the other results.

This is an error due to using SQL Server 2000 (or MSDE), and is acknowledged by Microsoft as such. As of this writing, however, the resolution as stated in the Microsoft KB article has been reported as not addressing the issue.

The only known method of resolution is to move the ESHA Database from the SQL Server 2000 (or MSDE) instance to SQL Server 2005 or 2008.

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