When opening a Person, I receive a message 'Ambiguous column name...(-2147217900)'

Genesis Users Note:  These steps are only for the Food Processor program!  If you have the Genesis application, you may follow these steps, however, you will need to use the proper .zip file containing the Genesis update script.


This error message related to Ambiguous Column Name, while annoying, is not damaging or affecting the search results listed.

First, check your database Structure Version:

  1. Launch The Food Processor
  2. Click Help / Information.
  3. Note the Structure Version

In the case where the Structure Version is 9.0.0, there is a patch to the underlying database that will address this issue.  Specifically, the database structure needs to be updated to 9.0.1.

To update the database structure to 9.0.1 requires one to update the database on the computer which hosts SQL Server (and the ESHA Database).  On that computer,

  1. Download the zipped SQL script from our site.
  2. Extract the .sql file from the .zip, and place it in a familiar directory.
  3. Backup the database.  This can be done using Database Utility, Enterprise Manager, or SQL Server Management Studio (Express).
  4. Launch either Database Utility, Query Analyzer, or SQL Server Management Studio (Express) to apply the script.
    1. For Database Utility, under Windows 7, Vista, or Server 2008, you must right-click Database Utility and choose Run As Administrator.  After, connect to the proper SQL Server, and on the menu, click Database / Run SQL Script and executing the script extracted in #2 above.
    2. For Query Analyzer or SQL Server Management Studio, Open the .sql file in #2 above and Execute that -- making sure you are connected to the correct SQL Server & Database (typically 'eshadata').
  5. After execution of the script, close the utility, launch The Food Processor, and click to Open a Person. The message should no longer appear.
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