ESHA Port 2.7.2 (Released May 2011)

Download: Contact ESHA support

Release Date: May 3, 2011

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Formatted Nutrition Facts panel can be exported now as Bitmap (*.bmp), GIF (*.gif), TIFF (*.tif), or PNG (*.png).
  • User can now set the number of decimal places exported by ESHAPort.
  • Allow multiple [BLANK (empty field)] to be used more than one time in an ESHAPort import.
  • CommandLine switch '-IgnoreUsers' to allow unattended imports to continue if users are accessing the database.
  • Capability to export the "Additional Allergen Statement" of user-added allergens.


  • Changed the default export settings to have Tab for field separator, and {none} as text delimiter.
  • Option to allow either AND or OR for multiple group selection for ESHAPort criteria.
  • Option to Export Common Name.
  • Update UserCode by Esha Code now supported in ESHAPort.
  • Alternate Ingredient Statement text now present after Alternate Name.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Labels incorrectly formatted in the database (footnote on the side) now export properly.
  • Updating Recipe no longer effects the serving size or footnote layout of the Nutrition Facts panel.
  • Save Default for Selected Nutrients now respects the saved settings.
  • Fixed. Leaving default Nutrition Facts panel export as .bmp no longer errors. (Work around is to actively select .bmp as output).
  • Allergen Statement fields delimited with Pipe (|) now properly formatted in output
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