Registering FoodProdigyOnline

The website for Food Prodigy Online is

On this page, you (as owner of The Food Processor), will need to register as such. Click the link near the bottom of the page in the sentence of  I own The Food Processor SQL and need to register. This page will be a form to fill out, including your email, Customer Number and Product Key.  The 'Product Key' can be the 20-character 'Product Key' with versions 10.12 or earlier.  You may also use the 32-character 'Serial Key (or Code)' in Food Processor versions 10.13 or later. You can find either Key when in your Food Processor program: click Help > Information, or Help > About.  Please take a moment to ensure that the entries are accurate.

Once you’ve registered, you may login to the site using the credentials created (email and password). Also, upon registration, you should be sent further information via email (may take up to 30 minutes to arrive, but is often immediate).

For clients you wish to have use the Food Prodigy Online website, they will go to the same initial page, and register with the other link (I have a Subscription ID and need to register.) Upon their registration, they create their own account with their unique email & a password of their creation. The Subscription ID they use is the Subscription ID supplied to them by you. You can find the Subscription ID in the email sent upon your registration, or you can find it by logging into FoodProdigyOnline and clicking the Account tab.

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