I get a message to Pack Database because I may soon exceed internal limits. How do I handle that?

This message is (mostly) a warning, rather than an error. Specifically, first and foremost, it indicates that the database that holds these records is reaching internal limits. While there is some maintenance we will run on the database to clean it up, it is recommended to create a new database in which to store new Foodlist records. This document on our website will help you create a new database.

As with any database maintenance (or just a matter of good practice), be certain to have a good backup of the database (or directory) should you need it.

In addition, we will need to run the database maintenance tool to pack the database. First, note the specific database that is reporting the error. The database name is the first 6 characters of the actual file name. This is found in the message itself. Then:

  1. Close the ESHA software.
  2. Click Start/Programs/ESHA/Database Maintenance.
  3. At the left, navigate the folders to find the directory indicated in the warning message.
  4. In the middle, you will see your databases. Find the database file listed similar to the one reporting the warning.
  5. Highlight it.
  6. Click File/Pack Database Tables.
  7. You will see an indicator onscreen while it is working. When this indicator goes away, the packing is finished (it does not pop up a message).
  8. Close Database Maintenance.
  9. Try the program--if this error continues, please contact us.
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