Automatic Database Backups

Our program itself cannot run scheduled backups. You can run backups through a command line calling Database Utility and schedule that through the Windows Task Scheduler. This allows one to setup a schedule to automatically execute the command line on a regular basis.  You can find the information about running a backup from command line in the Database Utility portion of the Genesis manual.  To touch on the command line itself:

  • Format:  "[path\]dbutil.exe" -backup "[path\filename.bak]"
  • Parameters:   filename: (optional) the database backup will be written to this file.
  • Notes The filename parameter is optional; if it is not provided, the program will create a default name for the file, in the format [DatabaseName]_date-time.bak. If the file named already exists, it will be deleted before the backup begins. The file named must physically reside on the same computer that contains the SQL Server instance. It cannot be a shared network drive. If a file path is not provided, it will save the backup at C:\ProgramData\Esha Research\Database Utility\backup

Create a new text document and enter in the command line described above. After saving the file, change the file extension from .txt to .bat .  You can then schedule the Task Scheduler to run the .bat file whenever you would like.

You may also wish to refer to the Microsoft Article about scheduling backups of SQL Server databases in SQL Server Express (the \ESHA instance).

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