Program will not activate, receiving the error "This is an unlicensed version of..."


This topic will go over the most common reasons for the Food Processor or Genesis failing to activate.

Access to ESHA Activation Servers: The most common problem cause of an Unlicensed or Expired version has to do with blockage to the ESHA Activation servers.  You may need to whitelist the website that the application has to access to activate in your firewall. The sites to whitelist are

  • (port 443)
  • (port 4430)

In later versions (11.7 or after), there is an ESHA Administrative Tools utility installed with Genesis (and Food Processor) that can help in basic testing. Specifically,

  1. Click Start
  2. Type 'ESHA Administrative Tools' to find the application. 
  3. Launch it. 
  4. Click the License tab.
  5. Select your program from the drop down list in the upper left corner.  (It may already be selected.)
  6. Click 'Test License Service'.
  7. Note the response in the right hand pane. ("True" or "False")

If False, revisit the firewall, or look to Antivirus/End-Point Protection.

Antivirus or End-Point Protection: Activation can also be blocked by some antivirus, end-point protection, or local firewall software. Temporarily disabling these may allow activation.

Log File for Support: If you continue to have problems with activation, you can email your activation log file to To find the log file:

  1. On the computer to which you were doing the activation, click the Start button.
  2. In the Search programs and files box, type    %localappdata%
  3. After typing this, press ENTER. This should open your Local App Data folder.
  4. Within, look for a folder name "Esha Research" then "Genesis" (or FoodPro if applicable). Inside of this folder should be a "Genesis.log" file (or FoodPro.log).


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