What are the password requirements, and how do I reset my password to

Password minimum requirements for

Minimum 8 characters. There must be at least one upper case, one lower case, one (number or special character). The password can also not include the users first name, last name, or email address.

If the incorrect password is entered 5 times, the user will be locked out of the application for 30 minutes before you can attempt to log in again.

If your account is a single user or no one in the account can log in to access the AdminSet, you will need to contact ESHA support to reset your password. You can use the chat on this page to contact support. The person requesting the password change must be the administrator of the account or the user of the login.

Changing a User's Password

If a user cannot log in due to password issues, or if you wish to change a user's password to prevent them from accessing the hosted environment, the AdminSet allows you to reset the password.
To change a user's password:
    1. Highlight the user in the user list. Then, right-click the highlighted user and select the Change Password option.

Change Password

    1. The Change Password dialog box will appear. Enter the desired new password, confirm the new password and click OK.

Password Prompt

    1. A prompt will appear asking you to verify the action. Confirm your request by clicking Yes or No.

Confirmation prompt

    1. Another prompt with the user system information will appear. Click OK.

User System Information

    1. Once complete, a confirmation window will appear to notify you of successful password change.

Password Change Successful

Please Note: User will be required to reset the password upon first login.
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