Granting Access to Additional Users in Genesis Supplements

(This feature has been removed in version 1.4, you will want to follow this guide to add users to your database.)

This knowledge base article will walk you through granting users access to Genesis Supplements. If you are using a stand alone install, you will only need to do the steps within Genesis Supplements. If you have a shared database, you will need to grant the user access to the database in SQL Server as well.

Note: The first user to run the application after installation will be given permission to the application. This user will need to add any other users. You will need to be a Genesis Supplements user to add other users.

1. Open Genesis Supplements and go to "Database". Then click on "Manage Users".

2. Click on "New"

3. Enter in the name of the user/group you would like to add.

For a stand alone install, the user has been added and can now use Genesis Supplements.



If you are unable to access Genesis Supplements to add additional users you will require a separate administrator tool. Please contact tech support for information.



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