Export All Data

To Export all user-added records from Source Computer:

Export all of your existing data within the application. Navigate to the Database Tab and select Export All.  This can take a while with a lot of user data. (It will automatically detect the size and split from 1-24 files)

Note: You will choose where you want to export the files, it is advisable to create a folder to store the files in if more than one file is created. 

To then Import to the Destination Computer:

  1. Open your ESHA application.
  2. Click Database/Import.
  3. Locate the .exl file and highlight it. Repeat as needed for each EXL file.  Depending on the version of the ESHA software, you may be able to select multiple EXL files to import.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Select the appropriate options and click OK.
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