Genesis API Version 3.1 Release Notes

This was a major API update, summarized below, for more information on this and past releases visit the releases page.

Release Date: 2/15/2018

Version Number: 3.1.21

New Features:

  • Created new set of references (for all references see the manual pages.)
  • ESHA foods available for analysis
  • Allow for editing of foods
  • Allow creation of foods
  • Online license activation
  • New installer interface (checks for and allows for installation of Prerequisites)
  • New demo for Version 3

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed sensitive user information from installer logs
  • Fixed various 404 errors

Getting Started (Installation Instructions)

Summary of Changes to References from 2.x to 3.1

Important Note: The API code significantly changed from API version 2.x and before when moving to version 3.1 and later. You will want to update your references to match the 3.1 references found on this page.


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