Genesis API Version 3.2 Release Notes

This is a major API update, summarized below, for more information on this and past releases visit the releases page.

Release Date: 8/24/2018

New Features:

  • Allow the ability to set a serving size for a recipe
  • Allow the user to query only user added foods
  • Allow the user to get/set cost from the API
  • Updated client libraries for C-Sharp 
  • Updated client libraries for TypeScript

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Bug within SearchByModifiedDateRange using StartIndex and PageSize
  • SearchByName and Search had a PublicationState field that didn't work
  • Fixed a bug where allergens were automatically checked when using the FoodEditService **
  • Fixed a bug where FoodItems weren't being populated in FoodMetadataResponse

**Note: A potentially breaking change; prior creation of a record marked all Allergens as true, this function will now only flag Allergens as true if included in the call.

Getting Started (Installation Instructions)

Summary of Changes to References from 2.x to 3.1

Important Note: The API code significantly changed from API version 2.x and before when moving to version 3.1 and later. You will want to update your references to match the 3.1 references found on this page.

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